Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Year's Resolution??

With a new start to the year everyone is talking about their New Year's Resolutions.  What is your New Years Resolution???

Becoming and staying organized???

Planning more meals at home and getting less take out???

Getting all of your family's activities written down all in one place???

Organizing your school work a little better???

Whatever your resolution may be, these Weekly Planning Boards may come in handy for you or someone in your life. 

I use my weekly planning board as a dinner menu board.  We are a very busy family on the go and for us this board helps us stay organized throughout the week.  Every Sunday we come up with a weeks worth of meals that we are going to make, shop for the food we need, and we add the dinners to the board.   Viola!  Dinner for every night of the week.  I can glance at the board in the morning and pull anything from the freezer I need, or do food prep while the kids are at school.

 There are other ways that you can use our Weekly Planning Boards... If your family is on the go and you need to keep everyone's activities organized, you can use our boards to help you.  You can write the day and date in the left column and your activities on the right hand side.

Are you trying to exercise more?  Plan your workouts for the week...
If you are a teacher or if you work in an office and find yourself organizing your week and your work schedule to- do's these are so much prettier than the everyday calendar or dry erase board.  Pick one up for your desk or your classroom.  These boards can hang on a wall or can sit on a desk or counter... The possibilities are endless!

These Weekly Planning Boards make great gifts too!  Do you have a high school graduate or college student in your life?  Best of all, these boards ship for free! 
Take a look in the shop and let me know which one's your favorite! 

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