Friday, January 4, 2013


life rearrangedI am linking up my phone pics again this week with jeannett from Life Rearranged.  Here is our week in instagram photos.

My husband and I had a date night with the little man this week.  He has been begging for light up Sketchers ever since his sister got a pair.  While trying them on in the store he took them for a "test drive."  Shawn's idea of a "test drive" is running as fast as he can down the aisle of the store and back and finishing with a baseball slide on the floor.  "Yep, these will work" he said.  Coolest kid ever!  We went out to dinner afterwards to a place that had lemonade and chocolate sundaes... Shawn's request.  I love being able to spoil him for a couple of hours.  Date night was long overdue and needs to happen more! It's Madison's turn next.

The kids are totally into games lately.  They can't get enough.  We taught Maddie and Shawn how to play trouble.  I forgot how fun that game is to play.  My husband and I ended up playing it again after the kids went to bed.  We lead such exciting lives....

The potato heads came out yesterday.  Madison can finally build them on their own and she loves them!  I love how contently she plays. 

Meet Duck Face and Ballooney
Maddie is quite the cuddle bug lately....I'll take every minute of it!
This little one is 9 months already and into EVERYTHING!!! 
No big plans this weekend, just hanging out with the family.  It is freezing here so I am sure it will be filled with cozy blankets, popcorn and movies.  Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. I loved Potato Heads when I was little! Those look like they have more pieces than they did in the 80's.