Friday, January 11, 2013


life rearrangedI am linking up my phone pics again this week with jeannett at Life Rearranged. Here is our week in instagram photos. 

This week we were back to the grind of life and I am loving being on a schedule.  I have been busy working on Carousel Clips and Little Ones to stock the LNC Designs shop.  All of these little pretties will find homes soon!  Come visit the shop and see if you see any you like!

We got together with some friends on Saturday and went to play on inflatables for the morning at one of the indoor soccer complexes in our area.  If you live close it is worth checking out!   The kids had so much fun.  I have to admit I was kind of jelious watching how much fun my kids were having.


What is that saying???  A tired puppy is a good puppy?   Yeah, that goes for my kids too!

That's right, I just compared my kids to puppies!
These two are inseparable!  Lazy afternoons after Church are perfect for Tickle Fights and lazy afternoons!
I forgot how fun 10 months old can be!  Lauren loves every minute of life.  It doesn't matter what you say to her... As long as it is spoken in a high pitched happy voice, she's up for it. 
Maybe I should try that next time she needs shots...
We also call Lauren the "Friendly Giant."  You will see why in the next picture...
The toy of the week last Friday was Trouble for the big kids...  I put a ban on trouble in our house after I got schooled by my husband, Shawn, and Madison... I can't win even if I try!  This week it's  Mega Blocks... They have been made into tunnels for trains, castles for ice princesses, and a destruction zone for the Friendly Giant.  She also likes to use them as teething toys....
I am not sure who loves instagram more... Me or Shawn?  He loves taking pictures with my phone and then using the tools to make them cool.  Too bad there isn't a tool to make me look less tired... My goodness I need more sleep!
This one is fighting another cold.... She is a trooper though....  Little Ones are so pathetic when they are sick.
 Word World always makes things better!  You can find it on PBS.  If you haven't ever watched Word World, try it you'll like it... and so will your kids!
Happy Friday!  We are visiting family this weekend.... What are you up to?
Don't forget to link up with jeannett at Life Rearranged 

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