Monday, December 31, 2012

Hello Monday!

Happy Monday Everyone!

We are having a wonderful week at home sleeping in and Christmas was wonderful this year.  Our family is so great!  We are so blessed to have a so many people to celebrate with.  The kids were so fun and they are at great ages to make Christmas so magical.  One of my favorite parts is watching my parents light up from the joy of our kids.  It takes me back to when I was young... Such happy memories.... and now I get to create them for my kids.

Here are a few hellos for this week.....

Hello SNOW!   We are so glad you finally decided to fall!  Break has been so much fun knowing that we can wake up, get dressed and go out and play.  Madison is still waiting for the "perfect snowman making snow,"  Shawn sould play outside all day, and Lauren could care less, she just sleeps! 

Hello to new inspiration for my LNC Designs shop.  We are going to hit the ground running in 2013!  New products, more choices, we are hitting the road to sell at markets around the area too.  I am working on some new products as well.  

Hello restocking my shop after a great holiday shopping season.  Keep checking back today I have plenty of new carousel clips and a carousel headband to add to the shop. Thank you to all of you who who ordered!!!

Hello organizing our house.  We have Christmas decorations down, now it is just finding a place for all of our new stuff to go.  Goodwill get ready because here we come! 

Hello extra time with the hubby.  He is so great and often times we get caught up in the everyday.  He is so much fun and I am glad that we get to spend some extra time watching movies, staying up way too late and eating LOTS of popcorn.

Hello 2013!!!   It is going to be a great year I can feel it already!

Happy New Year to all of you!  What are your New Years plans????

FINAL SALE DAY!!! Today is the last day that you can order and recieve 10% off anything at LNC Designs just enter code FROSTY10 at checkout.  This offer is domestic orders only and is good until midnight EST.

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