Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Story Behind Ginkgo Street

Welcome to Ginkgo Street.  I am Lisa Carney and I am the happy Mommy to three little ones 5 and under and married to the most supportive, loving husband on the planet.  I am a stay at home mom who enjoys running, playing with my kids, and anything chocolate.  I also am the creator of LNC Designs my online etsy shop. My shop is where I can create products and put my creative juices to the test.  I am also the writer behind this new blog.

So you may be thinking why Ginkgo Street? 

It's very simple.  When I created my blog, I wanted a name that was creative and meaningful at the same time.  So here is how I came up with Ginkgo Street.  We have a little block that we walk with our kids almost everyday of the year.  It is a small block in our neighborhood that leads us to a big hill that they love to ride their bikes and run down.  Every fall when the leaves change we go on leaf walks and challenge the kids to see what kind of leaves they can find. On one of our walks a couple of years ago, our son Shawn found a leaf he had never seen before.  It was a ginkgo leaf, and above him a Ginkgo tree.  Ginkgo trees aren't all that common in Northwest Ohio, so it came as a sweet surprise to us.  Ever since that day we watch the ginkgo bud in the spring, leaf in the summer and change in the fall.  It is exciting every Autumn when the ginkgo leaves fall because it is one of the first around here to loose it's leaves.   We call the street where the ginkgo tree lives "Ginkgo Street..."  So here it is...

Take a seat and stick around awhile.  You will get to know a lot about LNC Designs, our family and our SUPER crazy life.  Take a look through the shop and let me know what you think.  It would be great to hear from you!


  1. good luck Lisa! visiting from Lisa Leonard today. glad I found you.

    1. Thanks so much Sharon! Have a great week.