Monday, December 17, 2012

Hello Monday

Hello Monday!  It was a busy weekend baking cookies,finishing up on last minute Christmas shopping,and visiting some family in Cleveland.  We went for a walk in the woods yesterday and we all had such a great time!  The kids are in another world when we are out in nature.  We love it!

Hello last week of school before a big long holiday break. PJ party on Thursday YAY!

Hello presents that sit here ready to wrap.

Hello kids who are so excited for Santa and Christmas...They can hardly stand it.  Children make the season so magical. 

Hello Christmas cookies, why do you have to be so good???

Goodbye to a great weekend filled with family.  It was much needed... We can't wait to see you for the holidays...

What do you have left to do?

I just want to take a moment today and write out my thoughts about the Connecticut Tragedy... My deepest thoughts go out to the community and the families that have lost their little ones and friends.  My husband and I have spent all weekend trying to wrap our heads around what has happened.  It was unthinkable that someone could have so much evil in them that they would ever be able to come up with a plan like this.  My husband and I have not watched any of the news or read any of the story in the paper.  Family members and friends want to talk about it and we have to stop them.  For my husband and I and for our family it hits way too close to home.  We have little ones who are 5,  3, and 9 months and my husband is a middle school teacher.  For us this situation is totally possible and it shakes us to the core.  We are lucky our children are young enough to go on with their days without the stinging heartache and worry that follows us around.  I feel for everyone who has to try to explain to their children so that they understand, when we as adults can't understand what has happened.  I guess that all we do from here is pray for the families, pray for peace, hug our kids a little tighter, and put your faith in God.  It will be so hard when I take my son and daughter to school today.  It has always been hard to leave them, but today it will be different... My thoughts and prayers will continue to be in Connecticut and with the families who have children who are in fear and who just don't understand....

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  1. It is heartbreaking! I used to teach kindergarten and first grade before I had my son, so I was quick to think about it from both a teacher and a parent perspective. We're praying for them each day.