Friday, February 8, 2013


life rearranged
Happy Friday everyone!  I am linking up with jeannett at Life Rearranged with my instagram pictures for the week. You can join in too! 
It was a really fun week around here... Check it out!

Oh my little man.  He just keeps growing bigger and bigger.  I keep asking him if he will stay 5 forever but he says no and that someday soon he is going to be six and I am just going to have to get used to it.  Sigh... Why does time have to go so fast?
I have to say that I am an outdoor person and even in the cold I love to bundle the kids up and go outside to play.  This past weekend it snowed and snowed, so it was easy to stay in PJ's and waste the day away playing... We started building on tables so "The Friendly Giant"( aka 11 month old sister)can't destroy the city...
 Carousel Puff Pins are now available in my shop!

Meet Chunky squirrel... He is not smart... Or maybe he is... Either way he has taken over our bird feeder... On Saturday he was actually fighting off the birds!  Pure entertainment.
Maddie's baker's hat and apron: Cracker Barrel Store
This little one has been my helper lately.  Last night she was helping me spin lettuce and spinach for our grilled chicken salad.  Do you own a salad spinner?  Once you use one you will never go back! 
So Shawn has been asking me to make a snow dinosaur... Today I was blessed to have a little extra time with just him... so we went for it.  I may not spoil my kids with material things, but I do spoil them with things like snow Dino's...
Be still my heart... My little guy has never been the kind of kid to sit down and color.  I am not sure what happened but we went from no interest to this... Pretty good huh... Shawn is living proof that kids will accomplish things in their own time.
It was a great week and I for once I am kind of sad to see it go...
OKAY.... Now it's your turn... Head on over to life rearranged and link up with jeannett.
Happy Friday Everyone! 

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