Friday, February 1, 2013


life rearranged
I am linking up my phone pics again this week with jeannett at Life Rearranged. Here is our week in instagram photos.

I can't believe that it is Friday again already. This week went SOOOOO fast!
This girl's mission in life right now is to become an ice princess.  She spent most of her day dancing to music and creating ice shows.  This includes lots of jumps, twirls, and spirals.  SO CUTE! 

Besides being ridiculously cold we have gotten a little bit of snow here and there.  Finally we were able to go outside and enjoy some of it.  The kids have a blast in the snow.   I want to give a shout out to an etsy shop Lovely JC, you can find her shop here. Both of my daughters have matching hats and they love them.  Super warm and cozy.  Check out her shop if you have some time! 
It is a blessing to have my parents live in the same town as us which means lots of visits to Grandma and Papa's house.  Last Friday morning we visited them in their PJ's which made it extra special!! My parents are so great with our kids and are a true blessing to all of our lives.  You two are awesome...

The little guy has been taking swim lessons... We have to call them "fun swim" because he won't go in the water if we call them lessons.  It has been a slow go with him but bribery always works. Each time he completes a fun swim he gets to go to the candy counter and pick out a treat.  This week gummy octopus!  YUM!!! 
Well, no big plans for this weekend and I am loving that!!! 
What have you been up to???
C'mon and link up with us over at Life Rearranged
Happy Friday! 

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