Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

I haven't participated in a What I Wore Wednesday is a while... Not because I don't put myself together everyday, because I do.  If I wanted, I could really sit in my pj's all day and it wouldn't matter.  Not kidding!  I don't even have to get out of the car to drop off the kids at school.  Really, it would be easy... and every now and then I am seriously tempted to go "as is" for one day.

Ahem... That being said I was talking to my best friend from college the other day.  We joked back and forth about my WIWW posts...  I really do get ready everyday, it makes me feel better... I have to be honest though, as soon as my husband comes home I go out for my run and from about 5 o'clock on I am in some sort of cozy clothes for the rest of the evening...
Leah, this ones for you! 
BGSU Falcons sweatshirt: SBX
green and white stripe tank:walmart
sweatpants: puma outlet
slippers: white noise maker

Earrings: World Market

Today is my youngest daughter's 1st Birthday.  I thought it was only fitting that she was up at 4:10 this morning eating.  Last year at that time she had just entered into this world.  A little bitter sweet.  The year has flown by too quickly, but I know it is because she is such a happy go lucky baby who has a smile on her face all of the time.  Happy Birthday Lauren Abigail! 

We celebrated with family this past weekend and she had a "Color Her World" party.  I will post more about the party later.  Here is What She Wore this week.
pink sweater: baby Gap
Chevron dress: Charlie & Mills
pink leggings: Target

Onesie: Carters (i don't remember where I got it)
Pink pants: target
There you have it.,,, Link up with us over at Pleated Poppy for some fashion inspiriation! 

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  1. This made my day!!!! LOVE it! You can even make a hoodie and sweats look rockin! :-) I'm still laughing. :-D I'm not really sure that I would get dressed. Ever.