Monday, March 11, 2013

Hello Monday

Last week was a week I would love to forget.  We started out with food poisoning from a restaurant that should remain nameless and it only confirmed to me that the food we make and eat ourselves should be the  ONLY food we should eat... It was not pretty! 

I am ready to hit the ground running this week... How about some hello's???

Goodbye AWESOME weekend.... The weather was "warm" the sun was shining, and it was such a great sign of things to come. 

Hello happy tired kids!  The time change throws their systems off so bad.  It was great that the time change happened and the weather was great.  Maddie was at the dinner table last night asking what meal it was (breakfast, lunch, or dinner) because she was "comfused."  I love 3 year olds!

Hello birds chirping in the mornings... There is nothing better... Spring IS here... For now.... This is Ohio we are talking about.

Goodbye 7 mile run.... You were great to me.  You made me believe that this half marathon will be better than I think...

Hello empty laundry baskets...

Hello Weekly Planning Boards from my shop.  So many people talk about you and like you!  Pick yours up today, you can find them here...

Hello almost 1 year old Lauren... I am planning your "color her world" party and loving every minute of it!

Hello new week and fresh start... I am hoping to start you off on the right foot...

It's your turn... What are you saying hello to this week? 
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