Thursday, March 28, 2013

Color Her World Birthday Party

We celebrated Lauren's 1st Birthday on Saturday with family and friends. 
The theme was "Color Her World"
It ended up being really fun and relatively inexpensive.  Since the idea behind the theme was to combine all of the colors of the rainbow, it was easy to pick up things here and there and put them all together for a bright and cheery birthday party!
One of the major  decorations was on the wall in the kitchen where all of our guests were plating their food.  This seems to be the gathering spot for most of my family as well... I simply used crate paper 5 strips of each color and taped them to the wall.
The Lauren banner I made myself by tracing letters and the top of a coffee can for the circles.  I finished off the banner by tying different color/patterned ribbon to the letters.  All of the scrapbook paper I used I already had in my stash at home.
This isn't the best picture I know, but these are paper pinwheels that my husband and I made ourselves.  Yes, you heard me right, my husband.  He is awesome when it comes to helping me with my crazy ideas.  I found a SUPER easy u tube video here.  We Modified ours a little bit by using brads and wooden dowels.  In the vase I have colored pom poms that I always have around for the kids when they want to make art.
So do you remember the other day when I was talking about how awesome my Mom is?  Well, she found a recipe for this jello.  Yup, I told you, AWESOME.  I don't know how it is even possible, but I can't make jello... So, she made it and it was by far the best part of the party.  Thanks Mom!
We also had other food that I don't have pictures of... fruit in all of the colors of the rainbow, pasta salad with veggies all different colors of the rainbow, etc.
These are Lauren's cakes.  In our family it is tradition for the child celebrating their first birthday to have their own cake to dig into.  Lauren's was the rainbow one and boy did she ever dig into it.  It was adorable.  She took eating her cake to a whole new level... Adorable.
Her cake was made by taking a whole box of cake mix and baking it into one 8 inch round pan.  It made it thick and sturdy.  The after it cooled I cut it in half.  I put a crumb layer, put it in the freezer and then started with the colored layers.  The colors came from homemade butter cream frosting (see link below) with Betty Crocker Coloring gel.  The colors were amazing. 
The cake to the left was for everyone else.  I used all different colored ribbon and tied them together and glued them on to wooden dowels.  I them put the left over colored frosting at the bottom of the cake to give it a little more color.  It looks like just a normal layered cake right?
This picture doesn't do this cake justice!  You can find the recipe for the cake and frosting here.  I am telling you.  Easy and the frosting is TO DIE FOR!  I will no longer buy store bought frosting because this recipe was sooooo good.  All of the layers came out well the and mixing of the colors was easy.  It cut nicely and the cake was so good!
The party was so much fun and Lauren enjoyed every minute of it and so did we.  I always love when our family gets together to celebrate the little ones birthday.  It can be so magical! 

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