Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hello Monday

I'm linking up with Lisa Leonard today with some hellos for the week... Come join us!
It was a wonderful weekend and I feel so blessed that we spent a piece of everyday this Memorial Day weekend with our family...  Our kids were such troopers...
How about some hello's for the week?
Hello final week of school for the kids and my husband...  Hello kindergarten in the fall for my oldest... EEEEK!   He's that big already???
Hello preschool picnic...
Hello summer list filled with our most favorite things.
Hello family, we are so blessed.
Hello teething, grouchy, grumpy Lauren... It will be over soon, I promise... I am already missing your gummy smile!
Hello rain... It has been steady for about 24 hours now... I love listening to you hit the ground...
Hello contentment...
Hello bathroom.  We gutted you about 3 months ago and now it is time to redo... I can't wait! 
Hello deck re-do... We need some comfort and color...
Hello week.  Be good to us, this family takes transitions hard...
What are you saying hello to this week?
I guess it is time ready or not.... So here we go! 
Come link up with us!


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